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25 May 2014 @ 07:08 pm
On becoming a totally crazy Whovian in one episode.  
I didn't like Doctor Who. Saw a handful of episodes in the 60s and it just wasn't my thing. My total immersion in Who was to recognise people at comic conventions wearing a long scarf and handing out Jelly Babies to people. The American ones, the chocolate kind, not the multi coloured ones from Britain even.

Since then I watched a few Tennant episodes when a friend came visiting, and it was okay. I fell in love with Freema Agyeman which made me watch things like Law and Order: UK, even if it took me til about last week to find out I was saying her name wrong. OY.

Then they did it to me. Advertised this 50th anniversary thing on BBC America and told me that JOHN HURT was going to be in it. Okay I'd watch utter garbage if  John Hurt was in it so I watched. And dammit this stuff was GOOD. I didn't remember the five or so Tennant eps as being that good. But there was John making this stuff GOOD. So what was a gal to do?

Binge watch Who.  That's what.

So I dug into my bank account and headed to Amazon and had a decision to make. Was I going to go all the way back to day one, or was I going to start with the much more manageable new series. Too many missing episodes in the old stuff made my decision for me. So McGann and those that followed were it.

And it was seriously GOOD. McGann was lovely, Eccleston was lovlier. I mean, okay he was gorgeous and talented and Rose was kinda interesting.

Tennant was pretty good too, I'd since seen him in a bunch of other stuff, and the stories were engaging. Then Barrowman showed up. Okay not bad at all. Fun character, wait, what's this Torchwood thing. OH NO.

Back to Amazon, to buy Torchwood. Then someone told me about Sarah Jane so back again to buy the Sarah Jane adventures, which required a friend of mine to make a list in order, every single episode chronologically. So that meant, 5 Who, 2 Torchwood, 4 Sarah Jane and so on. Still not feeling the Matt Smith vibe though, but then they told me that Peter Capaldi was going to follow him, so now I have to slog through Smith and hope he gets better before the new season starts in August.

And there was this game Doctor Who Legacy. And it had the War Doctor and that made me hooked. And thus I began to search for Doctor Who Community, gaming people, people who watched the show. People who didn't think my baby adipose stress toy, or the Dalek that now runs around my desk were weird. Who cheered with me when I finally found my War Doctor sonic screwdriver was back in stock, and one who is buying me a plush talking K-9 as a gift.

And contests, oh how there are contests this one is cool. And yes I state honestly in the interest of proper public disclosure, writing this will get me more contest entries, even if I am writing the absolute truth of it. But it's true and I'm a Whovian now. All because of John. But then, not knowing a thing about Who if someone had shown me a picture of Peter Capaldi, I'd have become a Whovian for him too.

Anyway the cool contest is here if anyone wants to join in.


If you play Doctor Who Legacy it's so worth it.
Kelikeli on May 26th, 2014 07:17 pm (UTC)
hahha very nice icon! The one episode where he leaves Rose or she gets trapped and he had to leave (it's been so long since I saw the episode) was absolutely heartbreaking.

I like the Matt Smith seasons because of Rory mostly. He is a super awesome character. Let me know what you think of him when you get there.
FluteAphrael: John Hurtfluteaphrael on May 26th, 2014 11:35 pm (UTC)
I'm past the Moon thing with River Song so yeh Rory rocks, I loved Roman!Rory.

Here have a War Doctor icon.