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20 September 2008 @ 03:24 am
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Okay, you have a charity, you're staging a big event, to raise money, you invite a bunch of people other people enjoy seeing. You raise your money. Then usually you advertise that you have done this, so people who could not go to your big event might still donate money to you. Often this is accomplished by publishing pictures of the famous people who came to help you raise money.

It's a simple concept.

Many fans like to look at these pictures and often, they  will donate money to your cause because their favourite famous person supports you. Even if they cannot afford to donate, they may propagate these pictures on fan sites and say "look who was at this event, we should support this group. Even if we can't give money, maybe there are other ways we can help, or if we get the word out, OTHER people will give."

With me so far?

This little cycle of we need money, you like pictures of your favourite people doing interesting things, you promote or support us, we give you pictures, etc... plays out perfectly every single day.

Except when it doesn't, when the fans look for pictures and can't find them. When they find a tonne of news about who is going to go to the event, but not so much about what happened AT the event.

Then the fans get annoyed. See the hot man in the avatar? His name is DB Sweeney -- he acts, he directs, he writes, he plays baseball and he plays hockey, boy does he play hockey [insert bad, silly, dated, toe pick joke of your choice here]. AND he  goes to a lot of fun charity things where famous people play hockey. Right to Play, I'm talking to you. Where are the pictures? Where are the reports? Honestly, I can barely find proof the event took place. That's just not on.

Just NOT on.

PS Someone needs to tell Mr. Sweeney the next time he stages one of his "What DOES DB stand for" routines, he should tell people the REAL truth. I mean come on, anyone with eyes can tell that what it  really stands for is "Damned Beautiful."
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Kelikeli on September 21st, 2008 01:05 am (UTC)
That would definitely be enough to leave me a little po'd! I totally agree there should of been pictures somewhere. So odd that there wasn't. I am sorry. I know I would feel the same if it were Esai.

Heck what am I saying... I had the same thing happen with the Toyota Triathlon.. Esai was there but we only get pics of JLo and Matthew M... I mean lucky for their fans but not lucky for the fans of the other stars! Humph!
fluteaphrael on September 21st, 2008 01:11 am (UTC)
Exactly, they have gorgeous people doing gorgeous things and NO pictures? There oughta be a law.